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Fall Brush Pick up is Coming!

Beginning the week of October 19, the ATHD will make a single pass through Aurora Township neighborhoods to pick up brush piles. Only addresses that have registered for the Fall program will be picked up. Watch your mailboxes for the registration form, or utilize the yellow "Service Request" box to the right of this paragraph to register...please remember to include your street address in your registration.

If you have participated in the program in previous years, please stack your brush in the same area as before, even if we haven't marked your yard yet!  If you haven't participated before, someone from our staff will be out to mark a section of your lawn after we receive your registration.

If you need a rules refresher, please visit the Duties & Programs page to read more about the program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 630-892-0246.


Notice of Hearing on Certification to Vacate Roads

The following notice was published in the March 11, 2015 print edition of the Aurora Beacon News:








              JOHN SHOEMAKER as Highway Commissioner of AURORA Township, KANE County, Illinois under the provisions of Chapter 121, Section 6-303 and 6-305 and 6-311, of the Illinois Revised Statutes does give notice that a hearing on this certification by the Highway Commissioner of the Township for the vacating of certain roads shall be held at the Town House of AURORA Township in AURORA, Illinois on MARCH 26, 2015, at 3:30 o’clock p.m., at which time the Highway Commissioner shall examine the route of said roads to be vacated pursuant to Statute and hear reasons for and against vacating the roads in said location.  The roads to be vacated are described as:

              LEGAL DESCRIPTION follows:


Dated this 10th day of MARCH, 2015.


                                                                                     Highway Commissioner of Aurora Township


Christmas Tree Pick up and Drop off beginning January 5, 2015

The ATHD will again conduct a Christmas tree and wreath pick up service this year for unincorporated Aurora Township residents only.  The undecorated tree and wreath pick up will take place on January 5, 2015.  (Weather permitting) No bags, no plastic of any kind and please place the cut end toward the street.

Drop-off: Additionally, the ATHD will accept undecorated Christmas tree and wreath drop offs from any Aurora Township resident at our facility at 220 Butterfield Road.  The drop off times are weekdays, 8am until 3pm, between January 5 and January 12, 2015.

If you have any questions about the Christmas tree and wreath pick up or drop off, please call our office (630-892-0246).

Fall Brush Pick up is coming in October!

Beginning October 20 at 7am, the ATHD will begin the Fall 2014 Brush Pick up program.  The mailers will be dropped at the USPS at the beginning of next week (Sept 29) with lots of good program information, as well as information on other Township activities.

Once again, don't manually fill out on a registration form and mail it to a stamp and fill out the yellow Service Request box to the right (--->).

If you have any questions about the brush pick up program, please call our office (630-892-0246).


Old News...but still informative

Storm Clean Up Begins July 7, 2014

In response to the number of calls and questions regarding clean up from the storms from the week of June 30, 2014, the ATHD will be conducting a limited brush pick up session this week (July 7-July 11, 2014).

There is no registration for this emergency session. Please have your brush out to the right-of-way as soon as possible, as we will only be making one sweep through the Township this week.

If you have any questions regarding the brush pick up parameters, please visit the Duties & Programs page on this site.  You can also call our office (630-892-0246) for information.

Aurora GreenFest is almost here!

The 5th annual Aurora GreenFest is coming to the Prisco Community Center on June 14th from 9am to 4pm.  Come and enjoy the exhibits and learn about becoming a green machine.

For more details about the event, please visit Aurora GreenFest's website at

Make sure you stop by the Aurora Township booth and say hello to the team.

Have a safe Memorial Day Holiday Weekend and remember to think of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and continue to make sacrifices, for our freedom.

Spring Brush Pick up is coming!

Beginning April 21 at 7am, the ATHD will begin the Spring 2014 Brush Pick up program.  The mailers were dropped at the USPS last week with lots of good program information, as well as information on other Township activities.

Rather than spend a stamp on a registration form, please fill out the yellow Service Request box to the right (--->).

If you have any questions about the brush pick up program, please call our office (630-892-0246).

Pothole Season has begun!  Please let us where to find the potholes.

The weather has changed and the potholes have sprouted.  ATHD crews are out today fixing potholes and will continue to fix them as long as the weather allows.

Do your part and report a pothole location in the yellow "Service Request" box to the right.  We are prioritizing the work, but we will get to all of the reported potholes as soon as we can.

Additionally, please make sure that you slow down when you encounter ATHD, or any, road crews working on the roads. Keep them safe while they try to keep you safe.

New "No Parking" ordinance enacted for S. Gladstone and S. Calumet Avenues

Responding to concerns voiced by Aurora Township citizens and Highway Department employees, Highway Commissioner John Shoemaker has enacted new "No Parking" ordinances for S. Gladstone and S. Calumet Avenues between Prairie Street and Ridgeway Avenue.

"We are waiting for final word from KDOT as to the placement of the "No Parking" signs," Commissioner Shoemaker said.  "I hope to have the new signage in place by the end of January."

Once the signs are posted, legal parking will only be available on the west side of S. Gladstone and S. Calument, from Prairie Street to Ridgeway Avenue.

"Plowing these sections of the Township had become increasingly difficult with vehicles parked on both sides of the road," Shoemaker said.  "These new parking restrictions will allow Township and emergency response vehicles to actually drive down the road."

During, and after, the New Year's Day snow event, the ATHD office received dozens of calls from concerned citizens as Township plows were not able to effectively clear the snow from the roads.

"We had already begun to research the best way to deal with the congestion on S. Gladstone and S. Calument," explained Shoemaker. "With Aurora University students and the residents parking along, and sometimes in, these roads, our service levels had started to suffer. The heavy snowfall on New Year's Day, and the citizens' response to it, accelerated our timetable."

Please be aware...once the "No Parking" signs are posted, deputies of the Kane County Sheriff's office will be issuing tickets for violators.

Highway Commissioner John Shoemaker brings back the tree and wreath recycling initiative beginning on January 6, 2014.

Are you wondering how you are getting rid of your tree and wreaths this year?  Wonder no more, as the ATHD is here to help.

On January 6, 2014, residents of the unincorporated areas of Aurora Township will have their holiday trees and wreaths picked up, at no cost, by the Highway Department.


And for those Aurora Township residents in Aurora, Montogomery or North Aurora, we will accept drop offs of your holiday trees and wreaths at our facility at 220 Butterfield Road.  The drop off times are any weekday, 8am until 3pm, between January 2, 2014 and January 10, 2014.

Program Guidelines:

  • No registration is required for pick up
  • No artificial trees or wreaths
  • Trees and wreaths should be free of decorations
  • No bagged or plastic wrapped trees
  • Trees for pick up should have cut ends toward the street
  • Items for pick up should be out by the right of way by 7am on Monday, January 6, 2014

Fall Brush pickup begins October 21!

Get registered and get your brush ready. Fall brush pickup is almost here.

Mailers were sent out last week to all eligible addresses in Aurora Township. Only residents who have registered will have their brush picked up. If you fail to register and put brush out, you may be fined for obstructing the right-of-way. Please make sure to have the brush out by the right-of-way before 7:00am on October 21, as we will be making only one pass through the township.

Registration is easy. Either mail back the registration card included in the mailer or you can call the ATHD at 630-892-0246. Additionally, you may register utilizing the yellow box to the right of this text. Please make sure to include your address and phone number.

If you need a refresher on the rules for brush pickup, please click here to review.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 630-892-0246.

A new partnership brings a new recycling experience to Aurora Township residents

Effective immediately, the ATHD and the Association for Individual Development (AID) will be providing an enhanced recycling program to Aurora Township residents.

The enhanced recycling program will expland the list of allowable recyclables (including plastic bags and styrofoam) for Aurora Township residents.  Please check out the ATHD's Recycling Program page for more program updates.

Equally important, though, are the benefits to AID, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with learning disabilities, mental illnesses and special needs through a variety of programs.  AID's recycling program is just one of many which benefits this underserved community.  Please take a few minutes to check out AID's website (The Association) and see if there are other programs that you might be interesting in supporting.

"After touring AID's facility off of Indian Trail in Aurora, a partnership was a no-brainer," said Highway Commissioner John Shoemaker.  "We were very impressed with the work being done. So an opportunity to improve service to Aurora Township residents and benefit a local organization doing outstanding work simply makes sense."

Application For Federal Flood Relief Announced

Residents and business owners who sustained damage as a result of the April flood in all four Aurora counties can begin applying for federal assistance through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The assistance comes after President Barak Obama approved Governor Pat Quinn’s request that 11 Illinois counties, including Kane, DuPage, Kendall and Will, be declared disaster areas.

The federal aid will supplement state and local recovery efforts in areas affected by severe storms, straight-line winds, and flooding.

Some of the key disaster aid programs available as needed and warranted under the federal disaster declaration include rental payments for temporary housing, grants for home repairs and essential household items not covered by insurance, unemployment payments for those who temporarily lost jobs due to the disaster, low-interest loans to cover residential losses not covered by insurance, and several other relief programs.

Victims of the storms can begin applying for assistance by registering online at; by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362); or by web-enabled mobile device at Disaster assistance applicants, who have a speech disability or hearing loss and use TTY, should call 1-800-462-7585 directly; for those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 1-800-621-3362. The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week until further notice.

Location: Aurora, Illinois

Sand Bags available at ATHD facility

Pre-filled sand bags are available outside of the gate at the ATHD facility at 220 Butterfield Road, North Aurora.  They are first come, first served.

Empty bags and sand are available inside the gate during normal business hours (730am to 330pm).

All are available to Aurora Township residents free of charge.

Floodwaters inundate Aurora Township

Highway Commissioner Shoemaker discusses flooding with Governor Quinn.

Aurora Township was hit hard by the heavy rains last week.

While the ATHD is constitutionally prevented from picking up flood debris at this time, we will provide a dumpster at our facility located at 220 Butterfield Road in North Aurora. This dumpster will be provided at no cost.


Beginning Wednesday, April 24, this flood debris dumpster will be available to all residents of unincorporated Aurora Township every business day between the hours of 9am and 3:30pm.  We have contracted with Allied Waste to have the dumpster available until Friday, May 3, 2013.

(Residents of the City of Aurora and the Village of North Aurora have flood debris pick up as part of their normal garbage service this week at no additional cost. City of Aurora residents are directed to call 630-256-4636 for more specific instructions.  Village of North Aurora residents are direct to call 630-897-8228 for more specific instructions.  Alternatively, you can visit the City of Aurora and Village of North Aurora municipal websites for more program details.)

There will be restrictions upon the type of debris accepted and the ATHD reserves the right to decline material brought to our facility as part of the clean up process.

We will not accept the following items:

  • No containers filled with liquid of ANY kind.
  • No hazardous materials.
  • No appliances.
  • No tires.
  • No yard waste (bagged or otherwise).

We will accept:

  • Water-damaged carpeting (even if still wet)
  • Water-damaged furniture (even if still wet)
  • Water-damaged clothing/toys/household items (even if still wet)
  • Limited amounts of water-damaged drywall and construction lumber (nails and screws removed)

If you have questions, please contact our office at 630-892-0246.

Spring Brush Pickup Begins April 15!

Spring is in the air!  Brush is on your lawn? Never fear!  The ATHD is help clean up from the long winter's nap.

Registration cards will be mailed out to Aurora Township residents beginning March 28. We will accept online registrations (see big yellow box to the right) starting today.  You can also save yourself a stamp by calling in to our office (630-892-0246) to register.

Brush pickup rules and regulations remain the same, but here is a refresher for you:

  • Remember to register!
  • Brush must be out by the road by 7am on 4/15
  • No wire or string
  • No yard waste allowed
  • Put your cut ends facing the street
  • Don't stack your piles too high

If you have any questions, or concerns, please call our office at 630-892-0246.

New Speed Limits for all unincorporated Aurora Township Roads set to begin on April 1, 2013!

Highway Commissioner Shoemaker and the ATHD always has your safety in mind. To that end, Commissioner Shoemaker worked with the Kane County Board and Department of Transportation to finalize a speed limit change which eliminates the inconsistencies in posted speed limits within Aurora Township.

Effective April 1, all unincorporated roads within Aurora Township will have a speed limit of 25 MPH.  This speed limit change brings the unincorporated sections of road to the same posted speed speed limits as those roads in Aurora, North Aurora and Montgomery.

Here is a copy of the Kane County Ordinance listing the roads impacted by the change.

The ATHD has the new 25 MPH speed limits signs in our warehouse and, depending upon the frost level, we will have the signs in place by April 1.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns about the speed limit change, please contact our office at 630-892-0246.

Electrical Energy Aggregation is here!

In November 2012, Aurora Township residents approved a referendum which allowed the township to contract for retail electric supply for residential and small commercial retail customers in the unincorporated portions of the township.

On February 28, 2013, the Township entered into a contract with First Energy Solutions to purchase retail electric supply at a negotiated rate is $0.04804 per kilowatt-hour for energy through August 2014.  This is a 42% savings over the current Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) rate of $0.08302 per kilowatt-hour. 

Letters were mailed out to all eligible customers the week of March 18th.  There is no cost for enrollment, and you will not be charged a switching fee. You do not need to do anything to participate.  Customers who do not wish to participate in the program must return the “Opt-out” Form by the date indicated in the letter.

A second letter will be sent by ComEd in early April confirming that the customer will be converted to the First Energy program rate if no action is taken.  Customers who participate in the program should begin to see the new lower rate reflected on their ComEd bills in late May or early June depending on their billing dates.

If you have any questions, please call First Energy Solutions toll-free at 1-866-636-3749, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., CST.  Para información en español sobre esto favor de llamar 1-866-636-3749.

Highway Commissioner John Shoemaker announces a new tree and wreath recycling initiative set for January 7, 2013.

Once the holiday season comes to a close, what do you do with your trees and wreaths?  Well, if you are an unincorporated resident of Aurora Township, your answer might be "The ATHD!"

On January 7, 2013, residents of the unincorporated areas of Aurora Township will have their holiday trees and wreaths picked up, at no cost, by the Highway Department. 

And for those Aurora Township residents in Aurora, Montogomery or North Aurora, we will accept drop offs of your holiday trees and wreaths at our facility at 220 Butterfield Road.  The drop off times are weekdays, 8am until 3pm, between January 2, 2013 and January 11, 2013.

Program Guidelines:

  • No registration is required for pick up
  • No artificial trees or wreaths
  • Trees and wreaths should be free of decorations
  • No bagged or plastic wrapped trees
  • Trees for pick up should have cut ends toward the street
  • Items for pick up should be out by the right of way by 7am on Monday, January 7, 2013

Fall Brush Pickup Begins Oct 15

Time to get your brush out, Aurora Township residents!

Notices were mailed in time to reach residents in the first week of October. As usual, you can register for the brush pickup program using the big yellow box to the right or by sending in your mailer.

Quick overview of the program rules:

  • Remember to register!
  • Brush must be out by the road by 7am on 10/15
  • No wire or string
  • No yard waste allowed
  • Put your cut ends facing the street
  • Don't stack your piles too high

Check out the Duties and Programs page of our site for complete rules.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 630-892-0246.

Road Construction Update

Thankfully, we're getting closer to the end than the beginning, but road construction season is still impacting our daily lives.  So, here is a quick update on the projects that you're likely to come across as you travel through Aurora Township:

  • Church Road - Lane closures remain in effect. No update as to completion date.
  • Austin Avenue Bridge - Road is open and the new landscaping is taking hold.
  • Exposition View - All streets are open after the drainage and resurfacing projects were completed. We are still addressing some of the ditch work and patching.
  • Resurfacing Project 2012 - This year's resurfacing program, which included Hartford, Calumet and Gladstone, is now complete. Your ATHD crew will be out patching and repairing potholes, weather permitting, until the end of the season.

Again, as you drive through the areas still under construction, please be aware of signage for detours and speed modification.  Remember...slowing down saves lives.

Storm Brush Pickup to begin July 31!

The storm that ripped through the area this morning left behind quite a bit of damage. In an effort to help clean up, the ATHD will conduct a special brush pickup program beginning Tuesday, July 31.

Please have your brush out by the right of way no later than 7am on Tuesday. We will be making one sweep through the Township and once we pick up in your area, we are moving on to the next neighborhood.

While you don't have to register for pick up like our normal Spring/Fall program, you can make certain we stop by your house by filling out the form on the right.  Or, you can call in to the office with your name, address and phone number.

New Four Way Stop Installed on Hartford Ave beginning July 16

A new four-way stop was installed at the intersection of Hartford and Ridgeway Avenues on July 16, 2012.

Highway Commissioner John Shoemaker met with local community leaders and consulted with Kane County Department of Transportation (KDOT) officials prior to installing the new configuration. “The safety of Aurora Township residents continues to be the focus of the Highway Department. This intersection serves as a bus stop for the local school children and the new four-way stop immediately improves their safety.”

If you have any questions, please call the Aurora Township Highway Department at 630-892-0246.

Railroad Crossing closed on Edgelawn near Jericho Road

BNSF and the City of Aurora have announced the following:


Edgelawn Grade Crossing To Be Closed For Replacement

Motorists driving on Edgelawn Drive on the City’s southwest side will need to allow some extra travel time next week when the grade crossing is closed for replacement.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway plans to shut down the crossing to traffic on Edgelawn Drive north of Jericho Road at 6 a.m. Monday, June 25.  The crossing is scheduled to reopen at noon Friday, June 29.  The timeframe for the project may be affected by weather.

A detour route will be posted directing motorists to use Prairie Street, Orchard Road and Jericho Road to get around the construction.

Location: Aurora, Illinois

Please be aware of the road closing and plan your routes accordingly.

So long Austin Avenue Bridge.  Hello, New Austin Avenue Bridge.

Out with the old and in with the new...the old Austin Avenue bridge is no longer standing after 79 years.  The old cement and rebar structure was torn down over several days at the beginning of June. While the actual deck of the bridge was easily demolished, the center pier and abutments were as stout as the day they were poured and did not go gently under the wrecking hammer.

If you've been by the construction site recently, you've noticed that the new abutments have been poured and the deck of the new bridge is in place. While hardly a road, you can definitely see the skeleton of a bridge.

Once again, remember that the detour signs are posted for a reason. The local residents of Austin Avenue would appreciate that you obey those signs and give their driveways a break.  Even though there is a new deck in place, not even foot traffic is permitted.

We have been extremely fortunate with the weather, but we are still anticipating a completion date near the end of July.

Please check back to the ATHD website for more updates and photos as construction progresses.

Austin Avenue bridge road close sign looking towards Mountain Ave.


Additional Road Closures!!!

Church Road will be closed from Butterfield Road south to Old Church Road.  This is a City of Aurora project.

The aforementioned Edgelawn railroad crossing near Jericho road.  This is a City of Aurora project.

Please be mindful of the detour routes posted and the crews working on these projects.  Your patience during construction and repair is greatly appreciated.


Road Resurfacing Projects

Commissioner Shoemaker and the ATHD have another big year planned for the 2012 season.

2011 was a record setting capital improvement season for the ATHD and 2012 is shaping up to be another big year.  Among the projects you'll see this season:

  • The completion of the Exposition View and Oakview Avenue storm sewer system rebuild with the resurfacing of the impacted streets.
  • The Austin Avenue bridge reconstruction project.  ATHD and IDOT are partnering to tear down and rebuild the Austin Avenue bridge.  The project is underway, see above.  Please be aware of the detour signage near the river!
  • Much of the Hercules Park subdivision will be resurfaced this season. The streets scheduled for resurfacing are Calumet, Gladstone, Hartford, White, Ridgeway, McDonald, McMillen and Gilbert Terrace.

The resurfacing contract has recently been awarded and the ATHD anticipates an early June start for these efforts.  We appreciate your patience in advance!

Don't see your street on this list, but think it should be resurfaced? Encountered a pothole? Let us know by filling out the service request in the yellow box above. While we are unable to resurface the whole township every year, we make every effort to give priority to streets that are in the worst condition. Your input is appreciated.

Finally, give all of the road crews you see a break and slow down so they can return safely to their families.